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Every one who is familiar with MMOG's (massive multiplayer online games), knows the stories of people who are so addicted to playing these games that it costs them their real life friendships and relationships. There are also stories though of people who meet in a MMOG and fall in love, like my boyfriend and I. 'MMO couples' is a tribute to our lovestory, but also an invitation to share your story and experiences with others.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Follow-up results of the MMO Couples Questionnaire nr. 1

I recently decided to see if more people had found their way to my questionnaire. To my pleasant surprise, another 13 people have filled it in, making it a total of 46 participants. Here are the results:

1) Gender of the participant
Female: 73,9%
Male: 26,1%

2) Sexual orientation
Heterosexual: 87,0%
Homosexual: 0%
Bisexual: 13,0% (all female)

3) Age of the participant
< 20: 8,7%
20-25: 34,8%
25-30: 26,1%
30-35: 21,7%
35-40: 2,2%
40-45: 4,3%
45-50: 0%
> 50: 2,2%

Most female participants were between 20-35
Most male participants were between 20-30

4) Gender and age difference (5-10 years or more)
Older man with younger woman: 34,78%
Older woman with younger man: 21,73%
Man and woman in the same age range (less than 5 years): 43,47%

5) Being in a relationship while getting to know the MMO lover
One was in a relationship: 43,5,8%
Both where/are still in a relationship: 10,9%
None were in a relationship: 45,7%

6) Gender and taking initiative to pursue the online relationship
Female: 19,56% (mostly European and Canadian women)
Male: 17,39%
Both taking initiative at the same time: 63,04%

7) Use of other media to communicate
39,4% started using other media within less than 1 month of knowing eachother
The telephone was used most often: 37,0%
E-mail: 19.6%
Skype: 15,2%
Webcam: 8,7%

8) Cyber- and telephone sex
65,2% of the participants had cybersex/telephone sex

9) The first real life encounter
50% of the participants met for the first time in real life after 6 months or more of knowing each other online
6,5% met in less than 1 month

10) Knowing what the other person looks like in advance
67,4% shared pictures in advance
21,7% used the webcam
8,7% had a blind date

11) First time having sex in real life
50,0% had sex on the first date
28,3% had sex after a few dates
21,7 did not have sex yet

12) Living together or planning to start living together
32,60% of the participants is living together now
52,17% plans on living together in the future
15,21% of the partcipants have no plans to start living together

13) Of the participants who plan to move together
62,5% will have to move to another country or state
40% of the couples in question are still debating on who is going to move; 46,66% of the couples decided the woman will move; 13,33% of the couples decided the man will move.

14) People who live together (15 participants)
73,3% of them have been living together for 1 year or longer
33,3% of them had to move to another state or country

- 13,1% of the participants have married their MMO lover; 39,1% are not married; 47,8% of the participants have plans to get married

- 84,8% consider their relationship to be successful; 15,2% are not sure if the relationship will survive

- About 76,1% of the MMO couples are both still playing the game in which they have met, or have started to play a new MMOG; 4,3% of the MMO couples stopped playing MMOG's; in 14,4% of the results, one of the two is still playing the game (5 men, 4 women).

- 63,04% of the participants live in USA; 26,08% live in Europe and 10,86% in Canada

And last but not least... in which MMOG did the relationship develop:

World of Warcraft: 63,04%
Final Fantasy XI: 17,39%
Everquest: 6,52%
Guild Wars: 4,34%
Half Life FPS: 2,17%
Warcraft: 2,17%
Asheron's Call: 2,17%
Counter Strike: 2,17%

Thanks you all for taking the time to fill in my questionnaire!

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