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Every one who is familiar with MMOG's (massive multiplayer online games), knows the stories of people who are so addicted to playing these games that it costs them their real life friendships and relationships. There are also stories though of people who meet in a MMOG and fall in love, like my boyfriend and I. 'MMO couples' is a tribute to our lovestory, but also an invitation to share your story and experiences with others.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Will you join my Linkshell?", the story of a couple who met in Final Fantasy XI

"This is my story of how I found the most wonderful guy. I truly am grateful to Final Fantasy XI for letting us get in touch and meet.

I had started playing Final Fantasy XI in June of 2006, after being a long time fan of the Final Fantasy series. A few months in, and I felt ready to take on the world with a band of friends by my side. So I thought to myself: 'Let's start a linkshell!' I formed BurningSunrise, my very first linkshell. I was darn proud of it too, inviting all of my friends to join and share the fun. But after a while, people moved on, and I found myself in the city of Jeuno shouting for new members to do missions and quests with.
That's when 'he' popped up.

'I'll join', were his first words to me (he still can't tell me why he joined my particular linkshell). He wasn't what I was expecting: a 75 Dragoon came strolling up to me and introduced himself, wearing the coolest armour, and sporting a long black lance on his back. I was instantly in awe of this guy and how much time he had put into his character. So he joined up, and over the next month we spent a lot of time together, mostly him helping me with my rank missions and acquiring the level 30 unlockable jobs. He even came along for my fight to unlock Dragoon as a playable job, which I kept telling him would be my first job to level to 75 (and it was: I finally finished it off a year later). All the while, I couldn't tell him how I was falling for him in a big way. I thought the age gap was too wide, that he would laugh at me if I told him how I felt. So I kept schtum until one day...

So, here is the scene. I was in West Ronfaure, levelling a level 1 job, when he popped online and started talking to me. I finally made my mind up:

<Me> I got something to tell you...
<Him> What is it?
<Me> I love you.
<Me> Yes >.> <.<
<Him> Good, cos I love you too.

I could have screamed from the very rooftops at that moment in joy. A month later, he drove 300 miles to see me for a weekend, and it was the best weekend ever. He was everything I had hoped for and had seen in the pictures, and I was so happy. But then he had to drive back, which of made me feel very upset.
It carried on for a while, until he decided to move down to me permanently. It was difficult, as we would have to live with my mother for a while, but she gave her blessing. So on the worst winter's night in memory, he drove down. I didn't think he would get through the snow and ice, but he rolled up to my house at 2am, and I have never been so glad in my life to see someone.

One and a half years on, we have our own place and are very happy with the life we have made together. He still feels like he doesn't fit in here sometimes, and that he is finding it hard to make friends, but we are getting there now that we have moved out of the family home.

For the first time in my life, I feel that things are going my way and that I have found a man that I can put my trust in completely. I couldn't be without him, and I am so glad that we had a chance to meet on Final Fantasy XI. We still play regularly, as we have many friends on there. We have also got engaged in-game, so hopefully I get that white wedding I want in Chateau D'Oraguille in the fabled city of San d'Oria. Or maybe we will use the gil to buy ourselves a Haubergeon +1 >.>"


Raidenn said...

Aww how cute.

Psy said...

Nice :)

My g/f and I met in FFXI as well. We started out as friends in a linkshell and went on from there ^^