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Every one who is familiar with MMOG's (massive multiplayer online games), knows the stories of people who are so addicted to playing these games that it costs them their real life friendships and relationships. There are also stories though of people who meet in a MMOG and fall in love, like my boyfriend and I. 'MMO couples' is a tribute to our lovestory, but also an invitation to share your story and experiences with others.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How I met my Night Elf Hunter

At the age of 29, my life seemed pretty much settled; I had a good job, was in a steady relationship for 10 years and had recently bought a nice flat together with my partner. I thought it was what I wanted and I told myself I was happy. My partner at the time was quite a hardcore gamer, at least in my opinion. Occasionally I would watch him play, but apart from Tetris, Hearts and Minesweeper, I never felt like playing games such as Sims, GTA or Tombraider myself. Until World of Warcraft came.

As soon as World of Warcraft was released, he had his copy at home. The first weekend I sat next to him and watched while he leveled his pretty character and discovered this beautifully designed virtual world. The game appealed to me instantly and I was quite jealous that I could not play it too. So he gave me a copy as a present. Who could forsee it was going to trigger the end of our relationship, and start the beginning of a new one.

I created a Night Elf druid called Gabrielle and almost instantly found nice people to chat and quest with. Unfortunately the game would often crash, which made it difficult to play in a party. People always had to wait for me to come back online, which was very annoying. The day I would meet my nightelf hunter, that was again the case. So I told my group to continue without me and wondered off on my own in an area called Westfall. After a while I met a Dwarf, a Human and a Night Elf at one of the farms, and asked if I could hang around with them. This Night Elf Hunter called Tofukiller started to dance and flirt with me immediately, making me laugh in front of my monitor. We did a few quests together, became online friends and not much later I received an invitation to join the guild he and his friends were in.

It is very hard to pinpoint when the friendship turned into something more. I do remember being curious about him from the start. I started to ask him questions about his real life; what his name was, how old he was, what occupation he had, what he looked like. We soon talked about private things that happened in our lives as well, which made our friendship quite intimate. We played almost every day and whenever I saw the phrase 'Tofukiller has come online' in the chat, I felt an adrenaline shot run through my body. When he would start to whisper me, I felt even happier. Before I knew it, he was on my mind constantly and I could not help wondering and fantasizing what the guy would be like for real.

There is a black hole in both our memories when it comes to the point that we started to talk about being sexually interested in each other, especially which one of us took the initiative. I do know that I was the one taking the friendship out of Azeroth and suggesting to start emailing and calling each other. I also suggested to meet in the real world. So it is most likely I started talking about sex as well ;)

About two months after we had met in Westfall, we started to plan a blind date in Vienna. We talked many hours what it would be like to see and touch each other for real. Would we be shy, would we kiss each other immediately, would we have sex, ... We were very much aware though of the possibility that we might not be attracted to each other at all. Therefore we discussed sending pictures of each other in advance. But in the end we decided not to and truly keep it a blind date. For me that was in a way important, because I wanted to see if the instant attraction that I felt online would work at the airport, where he was going to pick me up, as well.

The weeks that followed were an all-in-one package of hell and heaven. Hell because of us having to wait until the first weekend of June to meet the faces behind the chars. Being in the process of breaking up with my boyfriend and making arrangements to move out, did not make things easier either. It was heaven because I had never felt so excited and in love in my life. The grass was greener, the lights were brighter... I simply was on a never ending natural high.

When the day of our encounter finally arrived, my heart was continuously trying to beat itself out of my chest. It was not only because of meeting him; it was also my first trip abroad on my own. Double excitement! Walking to the arrivals hall in Vienna Airport was probably the most difficult bodily action I ever had to accomplish. When I saw him though, standing in the hall, being cute and smiling, my head was empty and I walked up to him and kissed him. We took a taxi to his place, which was a 40 minute drive of us holding each other, smiling, giggling and sighing. Once we were there, ah well, you can fill that in yourselves :x

After this amazing weekend, we travelled back and forth to visit each other as often as we could. In August we had 10 days together and because things were going wonderfully between us, we decided I was going to live with him in Vienna. That was over 2,5 years ago. Today we are still together, very happily. And: we still play World of Warcraft together too. How about that!


Xavier said...

nice story. sniff...


Will Gittoes said...

It shows just what a terrible paranoid crazy-person I am that the first thing I think of is how awful it would be to be the poor chap who you left behind.

Of course, that's not even a hint of a suggestion that your move was anything but a positive thing; one cannot be "blamed" for their feelings (just how they act on them). I imagine there was significant other conflict with him aside from your Hunter.

All good stories end at the happily ever after; they neglect the years that happen after the epic event (emigrating to another country to be with your soul mate!). I would like to know, was it awkward adjusting to day-to-day life with this man? I have moved country, not towards love, but away from it I am afraid, and it was very difficult... You've lived with him for more than 2 years, so I imagine things are working out well; so tell us about how you made it work!

Thank you for your story!


Anonymous said...

Thank your for this... just starting dating a girl, and I need encouragement like this rather than the "zomgz wow stole my husband's soul" stuff.

Anonymous said...

great story! would make an interesting movie - one half in wow and half in real life

jewbanks said...

This was the most crushingly sweet thing in the world Im so happy for you. I hope that the story remains happy for years to come. Im glad to here that a playful friendship blossomed into something more. I love the story of friends that end up together, because I feel like only friendship can give a certain kind of understanding. You just made reading this blog worthwhile.

(Note I am drunk and going through hard times with a lady that I have been friends with for a while and um thus overly empathetic.)

Seril said...

Heh, good idea for a blog. Looking forward to reading more :) .

Nice story by the way, congratulations for 2 and a half years ago. :P

Anonymous said...

one of the most beautfiul love storys i ever read :) keep going on making such nice posts!

Bastiaan said...

Very nice blog starting here! Came here through WoWInsider, they've got an article about this blog today. I hope you keep blogging, lots of fun to read.

I took a look at your other blog as well but I had to scroll down REALLY quickly before my co-workers caught me looking at pictures of women-happy-making naked men :-).

Anonymous said...

Awww its nice to finaly read/know the story behind u and acrid (tofu). It was sweet when u both were online all lovey dovey with each other. Wanted to ask how it all happened many time but didn't want to be all nosey about ur personal life.

Best wishes to u both xxx

Saru (forstwhisper)

Anonymous said...

I just started a long distance relationship with someone I met through WoW and I have high hopes for it. We were friends first and I agree that will make all the difference. It was nice to read about the positive and see that it can be done and last.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your posts. I found this through a random link on one of the WoW sites, and forwarded it to my boy. We met on WoW, and have lived together for the last 7 months.
I'm about 9 years older than he is, so you can add this to your older women/younger men research. :)
He was a shadow priest, and I was a warlock... we've since re-rolled random alts. He's usually a tank and I am usually healy.

Anonymous said...

I hope this wasn't a story about you cheating on someone...because..that's what i was getting out of it...

Anonymous said...

=( I'm not going to lie..I cried but because I met a guy on WoW and his from Canada too..But not like your story..We ended and my heart is crushed into pieces..But everything u guys did; the flirting, becoming friends, and start talking to each other outside WoW is exactly how we started. But I'm glad u guys are still together..Hopefully I can get mine back

StephanieBBBB said...

I Feel Better Knowing That I'm Not the Only One Who Has Found The One I Believe I Love On The Internet; And What a Coincidence; Mine Was a Night Elf Hunter Also and I met him On My Night Elf Druid!!! What Are The Chances? :D

Anonymous said...

so you were cheating in the virtual world and broke off your relationship before you met the real guy because of stuff he told you online? WoW, GIRL... YOU GOT LUCKY. As a female gamer of WoW with my real life boyfriend who I introduced to the game, I can tell you there are lots of guys who pretend to be something they aren't. What if this hunter had turned out to be a 17 year old kid who lied his ass off to you, or was someone with a not so pleasant agenda... You took some major risks and practically cheated on the guy who gave you, your game.

Gabi said...

I broke up the relationship for more than just a guy flirting with me online, but it certainly made me realize that it was not what I wanted a relationship to be.

Of course I took a big risk, but we did have contact through other media before I went to meet him. And in case he would have turned out to be a 17-year old boy waiting for me at the airport, I would have given him a friendly hug, book a hotel and spent a few days in Vienna all by myself :)

Anyway, we have been together for over five years now and we are still happily in love.