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Every one who is familiar with MMOG's (massive multiplayer online games), knows the stories of people who are so addicted to playing these games that it costs them their real life friendships and relationships. There are also stories though of people who meet in a MMOG and fall in love, like my boyfriend and I. 'MMO couples' is a tribute to our lovestory, but also an invitation to share your story and experiences with others.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

From online flirting to meeting for real: tips to prepare your adventure

If you have a crush on someone in your MMOG and it looks like it is mutual, you might come to a point that you very much like to meet each other in the real world. In the three years that I have been playing, I have met people who took that step but ended up being disappointed or even hurt. In the end, you can never know if the online chemistry is also there when you meet face to face.
There are ways to decrease that chance. Here are a few tips that I think will help you prepare for meeting the person behind the char.

1. Communicate and be open: talk with each other about your expectations. Can you stay at his or her place or would a hotel be better; could it be that you will sleep together or does one of you not consider that option at a first date at all, things like that.

2. Decrease the risk of disappointment: if you do not want to have a real blind date, send each other pictures and call each other in advance.

3. Be realistic: be aware of the possibility that the chemistry is not there, either for one of you or for the both of you. Talk about what that would mean. In my case for instance, he said I would still be welcome to stay at his place. We both felt that we would have a good time together anyways, since it was not only attraction we felt but friendship as well.

4. Have a backup plan in case you are not meeting close to where you live, or even in another country, and it is a disaster. Have a city map and some addresses of hotels with you so you can find your way around and have a place to sleep. Explore the city and make the best out of your trip abroad! Maybe there are other players you know or guildmembers living there. You could take the opportunity to meet and have a drink together :)

5. If it totally rocks: enjoy it to the fullest! But be aware what consequences it might have, especially when you do not live in the same country. Going back home after your first amazing get together is painful to say the least. If you do not have the (financial) means to travel back and forth, it might be the only time you can see each other. So very important: communicate about your plans and possibilities for the near future, before you go home.

P.S.: let someone back home know where you are (name of the person you are meeting, address/telephone number, hotel).


Mikki said...

I just recently was linked your blog, and i find it completely fantastic. My ex got me into the game, as i sat and watched him play. Last winter when money was tight, we would hole up in the computer room and play all night and weekends. Eventually things didnt work out and we split, however, when i see him log on my heart does the lil jump as i wait to see if he will msg me. He has a new gf now, so he never does unless he needs something.
Due to our split, we have both joined new guilds, and while i had been in my old guild for those two years. This new guild is much more friendly and personal. We have exchanged myspace addys, we talk daily on vent about our real lives, and they genuinely care how i am doing. Its an odd feeling, i even went so far as to exchange numbers with one guy, but am not sure i want to meet him yet as i feel there are expectations i dont want. I have met some great couples in the world of WoW, that i hope to travel and hang out with for a weekend.
Whats really amazing to me, is i have done internet dating, and i have met people through online sites as friends; i have never really hesitated to meet up with them, yet in wow it feels odd. Perhaps its due to the fact that i would have to travel for the WoW friends and through the sites i know they are close to me.

Congrats to you and your bf, i do know a few people who have met through MMORPGs and internet sites who have fantastic lives together.

Mrs. Sunny-Side-Up said...

I was looking for a reference site for MMOG couple for the article that i'm writing when I saw your blog's introduction in Google. I'm happy that I clicked on the link because your blog is really helpful.

I can relate to your topic because I'm one of those who experienced love in-game. Five years ago, I met an assasin in a locally published MMORPG. That assasin is now my husband and father to our 2-year old son.

Thanks for keeping such an interesting blog. Good luck and more power. =)

Gabi said...

Looking forward to reading your article, mrs. sunny-side-up!

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